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9ct Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow gold is often mistaken to be pure gold. Pure gold is too soft to be used for making jewellery as they are susceptible to breaking. To overcome this problem copper and silver are mixed with gold to create yellow gold, an alloy that has the beautiful lustre of pure gold while being significantly more durable. Here’s our complete collection of yellow gold engagement rings.


Right from simple yellow gold engagement rings to ring designs that are more flamboyant, all our creations are made from 9ct hallmarked yellow gold.


If you are not fond of diamond cluster centrepieces crafted from multiple small diamonds, our yellow gold solitaire ring selection might be a great option. Depending on your style preference and budget you can find solitaire rings fitted from 0.25ct to 0.51ct stones. Our yellow gold solitaire engagement ring collection is one of our most popular selections as they feature rings with classical design elements.

Go through our collection of yellow gold diamond engagement rings and get in touch with us to get the right size ring.