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Yellow Gold Patterned Rings and Wedding Bands for Men and Women

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Yellow Gold Patterned Rings

There is something about the golden hue of pure gold that exudes luxury and opulence. Yellow gold is a special alloy that has a slightly lighter colour, which gives it a subtle yet elegant appearance.


Our hallmarked 9ct yellow gold ring contains 37.5% pure gold mixed with other metals. Our 9ct gold wedding band selections give you design choices to pick from. Yellow gold wedding bands are light, and they deliver a comfortable fit. In other words, they can be worn all the time. Quality construction and meticulous attention detail ensure all our patterned wedding bands have a fine finish and are durable enough to last for generations. Our engraved band rings are hand engraved to give the rings a unique look.

Patterned wedding bands are one of the many types of rings featured on Elma. We offer you countless other styles and metal options to choose from. Browse through our patterned rings collection and find something that you can fall in love with.