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Plain white gold wedding rings, you can select from 9ct white gold or 18ct white gold. You can also use our filter to choose from D shape, court shape, flat shape or flat court shape wedding rings.

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White Gold Wedding Rings

18ct White Gold Rings
There is a timeless quality to these rings and shows a real commitment of your everlasting love for each other. For the lady, an 18ct white gold ring would be a good choice to compliment an engagement ring in a matching material, and will sit together on her ring finger well without the risk of being worn thin by a ring made of different metal.

9ct White Gold Rings
A 9ct white gold wedding ring will look very contemporary and modern, and even though white gold wedding bands are cheaper to buy than platinum rings for example, not many people will be able to distinguish between the two different metals. Being made from 9ct white gold will also mean the metal is harder than an 18ct white gold ring, so therefore will stand up to a lot more wear and tear without showing scratches and little dents, which also makes this the more suitable wedding ring for men.

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