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Titanium Wedding Rings

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Titanium Wedding Rings
The cost of getting married can be incredibly stressful if you've got a small budget. Once you pay for the venue, the decorations, the titanium wedding rings, the flowers, the dress, the photographer, and the reception, what's left to start your life?

Keeping the cost down
If you're not related to the royal family, consider cutting corners here and there. Buy every yard of inexpensive netting in town for homemade draperies and big, impressive bows. Find an amazing wedding dress at a vintage store... or have a relative's dress tailored to fit. They'll be flattered that you asked, and tailoring is a whole lot cheaper than buying a dress. Have your wedding outdoors in a public park and pay just a few quid for the license. If you want to splurge a little to make it more memorable, hire a horse and carriage to deliver the bride and take away the newly married couple.

Cheap weddings in the UK can be wonderful with a little creativity and your own style. Finding cheap wedding rings isn't as hard as you may imagine either. Titanium wedding rings are a great alternative to traditional jewellery. For a fraction of what you'd pay for platinum or gold rings, you can have elegant, stylish wedding rings that fit your style and your budget.

Why titanium?
First, it looks great. Titanium is a silver coloured alloy that is as durable as it is beautiful. It's lightweight, but much harder than traditional jewellery metals. It won't bend, scratch, or dent as easily as most ring materials. The lightness of the alloy make it extra comfortable for long wear, and it will not tarnish, change colours, or cause a skin reaction like many cheap rings will do. Titanium is hypo-allergenic, so even people with sensitive skin can wear it without fear.

Picking your style
Titanium wedding rings come in many styles and finishes to fit any style. If you're in the market for a wedding set with a diamond engagement ring and matching wedding bands for bride and groom, you'll be able to find them in traditional styles or more contemporary sets. You can find choices in brushed matte finish or polished to a high shine. You'll be able to choose from sculptured, shaped, inlaid rings, or rings with enamel accents.

Declaring your love
Like traditional metals, titanium is a perfect surface for engraving. Few gestures are more endearingly romantic than engraving a declaration of love on the inside of a wedding band. You can make a cheap wedding band special by choosing a unique style and engraving something meaningful where only your bride or groom can see. When the day comes that you can easily afford to replace your original cheap wedding rings with expensive versions, you and your spouse may not want to. Memories are far more valuable than any metal.

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