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His and Hers Titanium Ring Matching Sets

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His & Hers Titanium Wedding Rings
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Bridal Ring Sets

His and Hers Wedding Titanium Ring Sets
Shopping for his and hers wedding ring sets can be a joyous occasion, but cost concerns can prove to be the first budget hurdle facing a couple setting out on a new life. In this economy, what young couple can afford expensive rings? Fortunately, a jewellery metal that's fairly new to the market has a lot to offer. Titanium is cheap, durable, beautiful, and comes in a wide variety of styles, finishes and colours, with and without diamonds or diamond accents.

The look and feel of titanium
Titanium is an alloy that can range in colour from gunmetal to a bright, shiny silver. It may be polished to a high shine or buffed to a subdued matte sheen. The light weight makes titanium rings comfortable to wear, but they are deceptively tough, scratch and dent-resistant.

Following tradition
Every bride knows what she wants. Some love the traditional styles worn proudly for centuries, featuring an engagement ring with a diamond solitaire, perhaps surrounded by smaller stones, with a matching wedding band to complete the set. The matching groom's ring is a wider version of the bride's delicate band. Traditional wedding ring sets, his and hers, will never go out of style.

Starting a new tradition
But not every UK bride dreams of wearing a ring similar to her mother's, so it's a good thing there are choices. Titanium wedding sets come in styles to fit any bride's ideal wedding of her dreams. A sleek modern band with inset stones or a diamond in a tension setting may be more appealing to some, and like traditional sets, men's wedding bands are available in the same design.

Cheap in price, but not in quality
It can be disappointing when you can't afford an expensive ring, but you can't let price stand in the way of your dreams. If you are ready to get married, it's hard to wait to save up the exorbitant cost of a wedding ring set. Titanium offers you amazing quality at a very affordable price. Your rings will be beautiful and durable, and they won't tarnish, turn, or react with sensitive skin the way some metals will. The materials may be cheap, but the craftsmanship will be first class. Titanium rings are as impressive as platinum, for just a fraction of the cost.

Your stamp of approval
Few cheap rings can be engraved, or are worth engraving. Titanium is the metal chosen for expensive golf clubs, prosthetic knee replacements, and boat propellers. Why? Because it's durable and strong enough to last a long time. The same holds true for titanium jewellery. Your his and hers wedding ring set will last a lifetime and beyond, and so will the words that you choose to engrave with a lasting celebration of your special day.

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