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Sterling Silver Bracelets for Women

Silver is a common precious metal that is used to make jewellery. But the silver that we use to make jewellery is not 100% pure silver. Pure silver is mixed with other metal, usually copper, to form an alloy. This alloy contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals and is commonly known as sterling silver.

Silver bracelets for women is a fundamental piece of jewellery that most women own. Simple silver bracelets, are daily wear accessories that can go with any look. Solid silver bracelets at Elma use diamonds as well as other precious stones to enhance the designs. Amethyst and Topaz are some of the gemstones used.

Real silver bracelets have a hallmark 925 symbol indicating the purity of the metal used.

Sterling silver bracelets make perfect gifts for women. Being more affordable than other metal options, sterling silver bracelets are perfect for casual gifting.

Check out our collection if you are looking to buy a silver bracelet for yourself or your loved one.