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Russian Engagement Rings and Russian Wedding Bands

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Russian Engagement Rings and Russian Wedding Bands

White, rose, and yellow all combined into one. The 3 colour gold ring combines gold bands of three colours twisted together to form a single ring.

All the three golds come from pure gold. But different metals are mixed with the pure gold to make the gold stronger and to give them their signature colour.

Rose gold- gold and copper alloy

White gold- gold and nickel/palladium/silver/magnesium alloy.

Yellow gold- gold, copper and silver alloy.

The three coloured gold rings at Elma are made using 9ct gold alloys. You can look for the hallmark 375 on the ring to get an assurance of the purity. Our three colour ring is not only to be worn as an engagement or wedding ring, but they can also be worn as eye-catching statement jewellery.

Elma’s Russian engagement rings and Russian wedding bands can be worn both by the bride and the groom. Get in touch with us to know more about our Russian ring collection.