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Custom Wooden Ring Boxes for Single Rings or Double Ring Sets

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Custom Wooden Ring Boxes

When you order your engagement ring, it usually comes in a small engagement ring box. This free engagement ring box provided by most jewellery shops are generally flimsy and they often look unattractive. If you want to store your engagement ring safely for generations, then it is best to buy a separate wooden ring box. A box that not only keeps the rings safe but also has a great look and feel to match the beauty of the rings it holds.

At Elma, you can find ring boxes for sale. We do not offer shoddy ring boxes; our custom engagement ring box is made using genuine wood. You can easily check out pictures and descriptions of each of our ring box online.

The types of wood used to make Elma’s wooden engagement ring box range from mahogany and maple to black wood. A plush interior with leather lining makes the wooden wedding ring box safe for storing away your expensive rings. The varnished exterior ensures that the wood does not get worn out.

Get in touch with us to order your single or double custom ring box online.