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Palladium Sets

Palladium His & Hers Wedding Ring Matching Sets. Choose from Palladium 500 sets or from Palladium 950 his and her ring sets.

Palladium 950 His and Her Ring Sets
Palladium 950
Palladium 500 His and Her Ring sets
Palladium 500

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Palladium Wedding Sets

Palladium is a jewellery material that falls under the platinum group of metal. Palladium alloy that is used to make palladium sets contains a large percentage of the metal. The Hallmark 950 that you can find inside the palladium wedding bands signify that the rings are made using a 95% palladium alloy. The Hallmark 500 means that the palladium alloy used contains 50% palladium and 50% silver.

Elma offers an extensive collection of matching palladium wedding bands for both the bride and the groom. While palladium is a lustrous metal, you can also find palladium bridal sets with a matte finish.

Select whether you want palladium 950 or palladium 500 and check out the rings in our collection.