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Palladium Patterned Rings and Wedding Bands for Men and Women. Choose from palladium 950 or palladium 500 patterned rings.
Palladium 950 Wedding Rings 
Palladium 950                
Palladium 500 Wedding Rings
Palladium 500

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Palladium Patterned Wedding Rings

Another great choice of silver-coloured wedding rings for both men and women is palladium wedding rings, it looks and feels very much like platinum, and compares very well against white gold. it does not require rhodium plating, and is providing an even harder surface then most white gold that are actually plating and wear off over time. Our palladium light weight rings come in 500, meaning 50% of it is pure palladium, or in 950 which is 95% pure palladium. While our patterned collection looks beautiful on your finger, it is less expensive than platinum, it simply is a great choice for a wedding or engagement ring.