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Stunning Engagement Rings with Beautiful Diamond Gemstone Settings

Cobalt Engagement Rings

Our Cobalt Engagement Rings are 100% crafted out of Cobalt, these diamond engagement rings are modern, stylish and, best of all, very secure. Cobalt engagement rings is the modern mens first choice. At Elma Jewellery, we manufacture a stunning range from plain Cobalt bands to diamond engagement rings for men and for women to choose from. The Elma Jewellery collection also features ready his & her engagement ring sets with diamonds.

Titanium Engagement Rings

At Elma Jewellery we offer a large selection of trendy styles and finishes. from matt finished titanium rings to high polished shiny rings. Titanium diamond engagement bands are set with sapphire stones or CZ stones. We sell the most mens and women's titanium diamond engagement ring sets in the UK, our rings are beautiful and long lasting but still cheap in price. We also offer the ability of engraving your names or custom message. Start creating your special day with the perfect ring.