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Wedding Rings Buyers Guide


Whether you wish to go for the traditional gold band, a more personal engraved ring or the fashionable, diamond encrusted style - We are committed to assisting you in finding the wedding band of your dreams.

2. Knowledge is the key:
Since a wedding band is both a sentimental and costly acquisition, it is essential that before you make any rash choices, you have pondered over the following points in a timely manner. These will ensure that when you do make your final purchase, you are informed and educated with the relevant knowledge and hence, confident about your purchase.

Firstly, if time is an issue, and you are pleased with your engagement ring, consider purchasing your wedding band from the same jeweller so as to save yourself having to look around too much. Consider the style you wish to go for...Simple? Elaborate? Do you wish to match the metal of your engagement ring or does your preference involve choosing a contrasting metal? Additionally, it is important for you to take your lifestyle into consideration too - if you plan on wearing your band every day, go for an easy comfortable one that is both hardwearing and not overly elaborate. On the other hand, you may wish to go for a more detailed, ornate style if you plan to reserve your band for wear on special occasions only.

3. What is your budget?
It is important that before you begin your search, you have consulted with your overall wedding budget and allotted an amount that you deem suitable and worthy for the purchase of a wedding band that you hope for to accompany you through a lifetime.

By no means do finances have to get in the way of you purchasing your dream wedding band. The pricing of wedding bands range drastically due to the metals and any stones inlaid within it. No need to worry, in our vast selection, you are assured to find a variety of options to suit your budget - whatever it may be!

4. Should you match your rings?
Having matching rings is entirely dependent on your taste, lifestyle and personal preference. You may wish for the coordinated look i.e. two rings made of the same metal with different design elements that complement each other magnificently. Bear in mind that since our objective is 100% customer satisfaction, regardless or your preferences, we are here to assist you all the way.

5. Start early and have fun!
Choosing a wedding band is a sentimental and romantic time. In order not to pressure the experience thereby turning it into another arduous wedding related task, start the process early enough to avoid having to make rash decisions under duress that you may be unhappy with later. Additionally, in order to eliminate stress, ensure that you took the time to ponder your options, make a decision with regards to budget and style options and most importantly, leave room for compromise.

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