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Wedding Ring Finishes

Wedding Ring Finishes

Many different finishes are available with regards to wedding ring options. Some will preference the more reflective and polished look whereas others will favour the more textured, misty style.

Regardless of your personal taste and style, our abundant selection is sure to have just the ring with the exact finish that appeals to you!

For your benefit, below is a brief description on each of the different finishes available:

Type of Finish:



A polished finished is the most popular choice with regards to jewellery finishing's. It lends a highly reflective and shiny look.

However, over time, the polished finish tends pick up scratches - dulling its lustre immensely. Though, it is worthwhile noting that it can be re-finishing with ease.


With its tradesmark soft, gentle glow, the satin finish is almost 'satiny' in look and feel (hence the name). A second most popular choice, the satin finish is similar to the polished finish with regards to its smoothness though, it lacks the reflective element.

The foggy look that it emits has the added advantage of hiding any faint scratches.


For what the brushed finish lacks in shine, it makes up for in texture.

The minuscule lines etched on its surface lend it its tradesmark glistening texture.


The hammered finish, one of the more exotic nature, tends to be a favourite of the men folk. The textured, unusual look it exhibits is a result of the jewellers light hammering on its surface.

Wire brushed

A more recent addition to the different finishes available, the wire brushed finish resembles the brushed finish though the marks are much deeper and hence, more noticeable.


The course sandblasted finish is grainy to the touch. As with the hammered finish, the rough, raw look that it exudes that tends to be a favourite amongst the men folk.

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