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How to Choose Wedding Rings for Men

There are several important factors to consider before making choices with regards to men's wedding rings. Bear in mind that this ring is one that over time will gain a sentimental factor and therefore; choose a piece that will remain in optimum condition for as long as possible.

Below are the essential considerations:

A ring is a both a valuable and costly item and therefore, if your line of work is such that could potentially damage it; ensure that the ring of your choice is fashioned out of a hardwearing metal with an appropriate durability level. Take a moment to consider the following table from which you can derive an appropriate metal with a suitable weight and durability factor.

GOLD Although an 18-carat gold band is definitely more luxurious, a lower-carat band would be more practical for a man who requires a hard-wearing piece. The latter is due to the fact that the gold in the lower-carat band is alloyed with other; stronger metals.
SILVER With regards to practicality, silver rings may not be the best option. This is because although it tends to be affordably priced; it is not the most durable. It may be an option if you anyhow have intentions of upgrading the band after a few years - but for the most part; it may not be the most long-lasting.
PLATINUM The durability factor of platinum wedding rings is very high, however; so is its weight.

Although for some men this may not act as a detriment, it is advisable, before settling on a platinum band; to try it on and ensure that it provides you with an optimum level of comfort.

PALLADIUM Palladium bands are a fabulous option with regards to men's rings. It possesses all the fabulous qualities of platinum such as; strength and resistance to tarnish - all the while being of lighter weight.
TITANIUM With a level of strength comparable to that of steel; titanium wedding bands are both light-weight and durable. As well as the band's hypoallergenic properties deem it a fabulous option for men's use in this industry.
TUNGSTEN Tungsten is widely used in the crafting of men's rings due to its affordability and high durability factor.

However, it is important to note that though tungsten carbide alloys are scratch-resistant; others scratch easily.

CERAMIC Ceramic wedding rings is another practical option for men.

Apart from its affordability and high durability factor, it contains hypoallergenic properties - rendering it appropriate for all skin types.

Personal Preference
Think of the man in question. What adjectives come to mind? Traditional? Classy? Reserved? Flashy?

A traditional guy is more likely to gravitate towards a simple gold or silver band whereas the more flashy man will often be in favour of an exotic, intricate design.

Once you have highlighted the groom's personality, you will be able to significantly narrow down your options and hence, identify the perfect ring faster.

A main concern with regards to men's wedding rings is that they won't be comfortable to wear.

This legitimate concern stems from the fact that many men are first-time ring wearers and a word of advice in this case would be - to assess the shape and width of the ring.

In general; the thicker the ring, the less comfortable it is.

As for shape; curves tend to sit more snugly around the finger providing an ultimate comfort affect.

Cost Considerations
Wedding rings are known to be a costly acquisition and therefore, one must take into account everything that can affect the lastingness of the band as well as a rough assumption as to how much time will elapse before the band will be deemed, 'out of fashion'.

Now, whilst bearing both of these in mind - go about choosing a ring that will prove to be; in the long run - well worth the cost. The Bride and Groom's Rings Should Go Together
This does not mean by any stretch that the bands have to be the perfect match but rather; they should look good together.

With regards to the latter, points to consider would include: metal choice, intricacy level, stone selection, width and any engraving (if that was to apply).

So, for the ultimate look, ensure that your bands appropriately complement each other and together - constitute a formation of true love.

Whether to include gemstones
Although the presence of gemstones can greatly enhance a man's wedding ring, and it has become more popular among men, but with regards to practicality, for those whose line of work involves manual labour or sporting activities; a diamond ring may not be an appropriate option.

This is due to the increased risk of gemstones getting knocked and consequently lost.

After you have assessed these factors, you will feel prepared to browse through our endless selection and identify the one ring that fits all your requirements.

Finally, in conclusion; feel free to contact us with any further queries or concerns that you may have in this regard. Also learn more at our blog.