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Buyers Guide - Gold Metals

Yellow gold

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings Yellow gold, naturally occurs as a shiny yellow. It serves as a legendary classic - hosting a variety of amazing properties. Primarily, it is an easy metal to maintain due to its resistance to rust and tarnishing. Inevitably, a piece of yellow gold jewellery will dull overtime due to coming into contact with detergents, moisturises and other chemicals but all it needs with regards to maintenance is the occasional polish with a soft cloth which will immediately restore it to its original lustre.

Therefore, although it's not essential, it's definitely advisable to remove yellow gold rings and jewellery when performing mundane tasks. Also, it is essential to note that in order to avoid discoloration, the gold should be stored separately from other jewellery.

White gold

White Gold Wedding Rings This lovely shiny silver metal is an alternative to yellow gold. It is more durable than the latter due to the fact that it's alloyed with other metals - meaning that it is more affordable too. As well, it has the added advantage of being tarnish resistant. The latter property is what renders it a suitable choice particularly for engagement and wedding rings.

The colour of white gold will differ depending on the quantity of pure yellow gold and other metals used to create the alloy. Most white gold jewellery is coated in rhodium plating. This naturally silver metal acts to an advantage as it maintains the shiny white polished finished by hiding any impurities and discolouration as a result of the alloying process.

Rose gold

Rose Gold Wedding Rings Rose gold, a recently hot trend, is a stylish alternative to yellow and white gold. Its resulting reddish tint is created as a result of its metal alloy of gold mixed with copper

The term 'rose gold-plated', indicates that the metal has been coated with a thin layer of rose gold lending the item the magnificence of rose gold at a more affordable rate. A word of aftercare advice for rose-gold wedding rings is that just like pure gold, it should be kept separate from other jewellery, hairsprays and perfumes in order to prevent any damage or discolouration.

Two colour gold

Two Colour Gold Wedding Rings In the jewellery industry, the term 'two colour gold', refers to a piece that features two of the three available forms of gold; yellow, white and rose.

Two colour gold jewellery can be highly exquisite and hence, it is ideal option for those looking for something unique - be it in; a pendant, wedding ring, earrings - you name it!

Three-colour gold

Three Colour Gold Wedding Rings Three colour gold jewellery refers to a piece which comprises of all the three forms of gold; yellow, white and rose.

A three colour gold piece is a must have in any wardrobe - be it in the form of a: ring, pendant or earrings, because its three components allow for its perfect coordination with almost any outfit!