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Buyers Guide - Gold Carats

Gold carats explained. The term "Carat" is the measure of a diamond taking into account its weight as appose to its size. The carat is divisible into 100 points of two milligrams each. The following are the various subcatagories:

24 carat gold
Naturally yellow in colour, this is the gold carat in its highest, purest most valuable form - 99% gold. However, since its structure renders it extremely soft and malleable it isn't generally used in the making of very fine objects such as intricate jewellery and rings

22 carat gold
The lesser valuable albeit still pricey 22 carat gold comprises of approximately 91.6% gold. However, since it's still high in percentage gold, its relatively soft structure renders it unsuitable for stone set jewellery - whereas in the case of plain jewellery such as a wedding band, it's perfectly suitable.

18 carat gold
This alloyed version of the gold is much more durable then both 24 and 22 carat gold. As well it boasts increased levels of colour and strength. However, its relatively high 75% of gold in addition to its warm bright tone still render it rather pricey.

14 carat gold
14 carat gold is a common choice for wedding rings, due to its affordability. It portrays a warm yellow hue as a result of the 58.5% of pure gold contained therein

9 carat gold
This is the strongest version of gold. The latter is due to its higher percentage of other metals to its mere 37.5% of pure gold. It is widely used in the making of jewellery and gold wedding rings.