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Mens Titanium Bracelets

Strong, durable, light
One of the most common complaints about bracelets is the tendency to bend out of shape. It does not take much pressure to turn a circular shape into an oval that no longer fits. Titanium alloy is hard enough to retain its shape and will be wearable for years. In addition, titanium is so lightweight that you can forget you are wearing jewellery, even if its not something you are accustomed to.

Men can be pretty hard on jewellery. Some engage in sports, find themselves elbow deep in engine repair, or rappel down the sides of mountains. A titanium bracelet or bangle will withstand anything a man can throw at it and more. If it were not man-tough, it would not be used to make rockets...and if it can withstand the pressures, temperature extremes, and impacts of a trip to space without crumpling, it can withstand your average UK man, no matter what risky activity he may think is fun.

Titanium is used for boat propellers and shafts because it does not corrode in sea water. Which means you can wear it all the time, whether you are outdoors, sweating in the heat, swimming in the ocean, or dunking in a hot mineral spring, your titanium bracelet or bangle wont tarnish, corrode, or change colours.

Sensitive skin?
Many cheap jewellery metals cause chemical reactions with skin, leaving a telltale greenish discolouration that can take days to fade. Titanium is so non-allergenic that its commonly used for medical implants, like artificial joints and pins used to set broken bones.

Whats your style?
Like the look of twisted cable? How about heavy-looking links connected by bands? Maybe a plain band with a bevelled edge and tiny diamonds embedded at intervals suits your style. Titanium bracelets and bangles come in a number of mens styles ranging from rugged and outdoorsy to elegant and dressy to grace an expensive suit.

Titanium can be inlaid, enamelled, engraved, or embedded with gems or diamonds, and comes in a number of different colours and finishes, from an on-trend colour that resembles gunmetal to a shiny polished silver.

Titanium bracelets make a great gift. Beautiful, durable, and comfortable to wear, they look far more expensive than they really are. If you are shopping for an elegant, stylish gift on a budget, titanium jewellery for men or women is always a good choice. Many styles can be engraved to add that personal touch.