4mm-8mm Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Beaded Edge Band

Model#:  EJ2374
 -  Availability:  In Stock    -     Manufactured in United Kingdom
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     Ring Details

 Sizes Available:  H-Z
 Width:  4mm-8mm
 Metal:  9ct Yellow Gold
 Fit:  D Shape
 UK Hallmark:  375 (=9 carat)

Weight Details (all weights are approximate)

MILLIMETER Size Light Weight Medium Weight Heavy Weight Extra Heavy Weight
4mmH-Q  1.5gr    2.4gr  3.2gr 
R-Z  1.5gr    2.7gr  3.6gr 
5mmH-Q  2.1gr    3.2gr  4.2gr 
R-Z  2.1gr    3.6gr  4.6gr 
6mmH-Q  2.6gr    3.9gr  5.1gr 
R-Z  2.6gr    4.4gr  5.5gr 
7mmH-Q  3.1gr    4.5gr  6.6gr 
R-Z  3.6gr    5.0gr  7.1gr 
8mmH-Q  3.6gr    5.2gr   
R-Z  4.1gr    5.6gr  8.1gr 
Description & Details

This gorgeous wedding band will perfectly complement any engagement ring.

It has been delicately crafted from the finest of yellow gold - a metal renowned for the richness of its hue as well as for its ability to withstand the ill effects of impurities such as; rust, tarnish,

The design of the ring features a spectacular diamond cut design with systematically placed circles and central grooves.

The profile of the ring is 'D Shape', called so as a result of its curved outer and flat inner surface, together; constituting a cross-sectional 'D'.

Finally, in accordance with Assay regulations, the band bears a fully recognised UK hallmark.

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