4mm-8mm White Gold Star & Moon Engraved Ring

Model#:  EJ2226
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4mm-8mm White Gold Star & Moon Engraved Ring

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     Ring Details

 Sizes Available:  H -- Z
 Width:  4MM -- 8MM
 Metal:  9ct White Gold
 Fit:  D shape
 UK Hallmark:  375 (=9ct)

Weight Details (all weights are approximate)

MILLIMETER Size Light Weight Medium Weight Heavy Weight Extra Heavy Weight
4mmH-Q  1.5gr    2.4gr  3.2gr 
R-Z  1.5gr    2.7gr  3.6gr 
5mmH-Q  2.1gr    3.2gr  4.2gr 
R-Z  2.1gr    3.6gr  4.6gr 
6mmH-Q  2.6gr    3.9gr  5.1gr 
R-Z  2.6gr    4.4gr  5.5gr 
7mmH-Q  3.1gr    4.5gr  6.6gr 
R-Z  3.1gr    5.0gr  7.1gr 
8mmH-Q  3.6gr    5.2gr   
R-Z  3.6gr    5.6gr  8.1gr 
Description & Details

Representing eternal love, this captivating wedding band is the ultimate mechanism with which to tie the knot!
 It displays incredible craftsmanship and has been delicately fashioned from the finest of white gold - a metal renowned for its distinctive, silvery-white sheen, as well as for its ability to withstand the ill-effects of negativities such as; rust, tarnish and corrosion.
 The design of the band features a diamond cut star-like design and at its edges, for a sophisticated touch; there lies an intricate beading.
 The profile of the ring is 'D Shape', called so as a result of its curved outer and flat inner surface, together; constituting a cross-sectional 'D'.
 Lastly, as per the current Assay regulations, this ring bears a fully recognised UK hallmark.


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